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"SaxTrax" Free Play-Along Book & Tracks Now Available!

To all you young and developing instrumentalist, the free SaxTrax play along book is available to download!

SaxTrax Play-Along Saxophone Book

I have a heart for the developing musician. I think it's important for young players to have material they can learn from easily available and for a low cost. That's why I spent time putting together this free play-along book for musicians who aspire to play with an instrumental pop sensibility.

"I have transposed this book into Bb, Eb, C (treble & bass clef), and a saxophone book so virtually every instrument can play along with me on SaxTrax."

Visit the SaxTrax tab on my website or click the link to download the free sheet music for your instrument as well as purchases the play-along tracks (with the lead sax muted).

SaxTrax was created for you!

And as always, listening to players you want to sound like is essential in the developmental process. For those of you who dig my sound, try to match your sound with mine when playing these tracks and then do your own thing with it!

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